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about how to attract liquidity

liquidity don’t come for nothing , if we wanna attract liquidity to brc20-defi , we need to learn from what proved right in eth

  1. airdrop

degen come to L2s for potential airdrops , if we have good project ( vc backed , big cex listing ahead) will airdrop to liquidity provider, then we get them.

  1. money making effect

When we have a token with a very significant money-making effect, liquidity will come for it, and they will stay here to look for the next one.

  1. good ponzi

like friend.tech , a good ponzi will get lots of liquidity come to brc-20 eco.

I think the first point is the key, and combined with the second and third points, we can attract more liquidity to the brc20 ecosystem.

A good architecture and good products are only the first step to success. We need good operational cooperation to attract liquidity and complete real ecological construction.

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it’s not eth, it’s degens enjoying decentralised money. you can not aim this as the main player.
also it’s bitcoin. much more liquid than eth is already there.

or at least these airdrops should be distributed to bitcoin wallets first, and not for inviting to ponzi but inviting to decentralisation of finance in the chain which is developed to bring it in first place.
and others will follow