[brc-20] Consensus on Burn Method

Consensus on Burn Method

There is no specific consensus on the destruction of BRC-20; it is generally believed that transferring the asset to an address with a publicly recognized unknown private key constitutes destruction. We hope to recommend a universal method for the destruction of BRC-20 assets, which is to:

Send the TRANSFER transaction to an OP_RETURN script that contains no data, to achieve destruction.

There are two main advantages to this method of destruction:

  • OP_RETURN transactions can be proven to be unspendable within the Bitcoin protocol.
  • It is the least expensive method since the OP_RETURN script only requires a single 6a byte and merely needs an inclusion of 1 satoshi.

For the BRC20 assets that have been burned, they cannot be minted again. The meaning of ‘max’ is the total upper limit of all minted assets, not the upper limit of the existing number of assets.

The downside of this approach is the lack of widespread consensus and the absence of ready-made tools to facilitate this destruction process.

Using conventional special addresses for asset destruction would result in significant waste.

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Just to keep things clear, We need to burn the brc20, not satoshi ~

I suggest Using Burn Inscription. I think Cursed inscription gave us a new parallel universe by using negative value.

We can have something interesting if think about this way, rather then just send it to dead address.