[brc-20] Emojis

Symbols are everywhere in our society, and the most popular symbols are emojis.

Emojis are a powerful way to communicate and many of the emojis in the unicode standard are recognizable globally, thanks to mobile phones. Using emojis as not just marketing assets but as an integrative part of a branding strategy can create brand awareness, and brand loyalty if executed the right way.

Emoji tickers have been a part of the first tickers deployed and inscribed on the brc20 protocol. Maybe early deployers saw future promise in spending their sats to create them.

This thread has been opened to discuss and further the use of emoji tickers, and gather feedback and ideas from emoji ticker holders.

Let’s start by hearing any thoughts and get some conversation going.

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ヽ(・∀・)ノ Hello ~ 

Emojis is latters in many languages, I have talked about giving more light for them in Unisat Discord multiple times. The community also upvoted my suggestion, But sadly there was no response from Indexers.

Sadly you need to bots your twitter account (X) and upvote your post and create fake demands, to get it show up in indexers.

This is now the forum and topic where we can be heard. Welcome.