[brc-20] Framework for the integration of off-chain indexers with the on-chain oracle

ALEX[1], as part of the ongoing efforts to decentralise the governance of the recently announced[2] on-chain oracle (“Bitcoin Oracle”), would like to propose the following rules on the off-chain indexer contribution to the Bitcoin Oracle.

The proposal aims to lay out some (but not all) fundamental points around

  1. the pre-requisites to encourage standardisation among different indexers,
  2. the requirements that must be met to participate in the on-chain indexing, and
  3. the process to ensure the quality of the on-chain indexing.

While it is not yet possible to conduct a formal governance vote on these matters, we would like this forum to consider the below proposal and provide constructive feedbacks.

This will allow the founding members of the on-chain indexing (i.e. Domo, ALEX, [BIS], Hiro, OKX and UniSat) to continue working on the various aspects of the on-chain indexing, while incorporating the view of the broader community and providing clarity to its direction, with its ultimate goal being a decentralised, community-led, on-chain indexing that benefits everyone in this space.


The founding members commit to making available the following as soon as practicable:

  • Standard, open sourced, indexing rules
  • Standard, open sourced, reference implementation of the rules

Requirements for a project to meet in order to join as a validator for the Bitcoin Oracle

  • Indexer implementation must be open sourced.
  • Indexer must have an operating history of at least 3 months.
  • Indexer implementation must be peer-reviewed / approved by at least two existing validators.
  • Indexer must provide the required endpoints and integrate with the on-chain indexer, following the guideline published on Bitcoin Oracle repo at Github[3].

Ongoing performance monitoring

  • Dashboard will be set up to provide a real time performance of each validator (incl. freshness, accuracy, latency, availability).
  • Those validators underperforming for a specifed period of the time will be given a grace period to address the underperformance.
  • Underperformance beyond the grace period may result in the validator being dropped.

[1] https://www.alexgo.io
[2] https://medium.com/alexgobtc/building-a-on-chain-brc20-indexer-of-indexers-aca0cea86ab2
[3] https://github.com/alexgo-io/bitcoin-oracle#validator-process

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