[BRC-720] Introduction to BRC-720: Developed by BitWorld


  • Brief description of [BRC-720]

The BRC-720 is an AI protocol based on the Ordinals network. It is an advanced asset protocol designed to improve the NFT experience with AI capabilities. This protocol contains various AI features, including text-to-image, text-to-3D, image-to-3D, and model training for many AI Agents.

  • Vision

BRC-720 protocol derives its name from a significant moment in human history: July 20, when humanity first set foot on the moon. The reference to “720” pays homage to this giant leap for mankind. The vision behind the 720 protocol is to honor this historic milestone and facilitate exploration within the Bitcoin ecosystem, encouraging innovative approaches. The protocol aspires to empower users to delve into the uncharted territories of the Bitcoin ecosystem and unleash creative possibilities. Additionally, BRC-720 protocol respects the original non-fungible nature of Bitman’s data, fostering a community that thrives on diverse creations and welcomes developers and creators to explore various forms of expression.

Key Features

  • Technology Innovation

The fully on-chain combination of AI and native NFT assets, the protocol sets new standards for technology advancement.

  • Publishing Innovation

Empowering creators with User-led asset publishing.

  • Narrative Innovation

By infusing storytelling elements into AI world asset standards.

Use Cases: How does it work?

  • Image-to-3D - Alpha Release for Ordinals & NFTs

Image-to-3D Conversion is a powerful capability within the BRC-720 AI Protocol, enabling the transformation of 2D NFT images into detailed and immersive 3D models. This advanced process involves algorithms and neural network architectures to extract spatial information from images and reconstruct them into 3D representations.

Our latest advancement empowers the integration of 3D assets on-chain while still managing file sizes to a compact 3 KB. This is mainly to reduce the gas fee of the Bitcoin network and ensure the 3D model’s quality.

The secret lies in the quality control process. Each final 3D model undergoes meticulous evaluation using a range of quality metrics including surface smoothness, texture fidelity, and geometric accuracy. This crucial step ensures that the converted 3D assets not only meet but exceed high standards in terms of visual appeal and adherence to the input image.

With the BRC720 AI Protocol, artists, developers, and enthusiasts can now experience the world of 3D assets without compromising quality or inflating file sizes.

  • Mention any notable projects or platforms utilizing [BRC-720].

We currently support 10 Ordinals collections, allowing holders of these 10 collections to generate a 3D version of their NFT: BitcoinCats, Bitcoin Apes, Fuzzy Fox, Fomojis 2.0, Bitcoin Puppets, Bitcoin Punks, Bitcoin Bear Cubs, Bitcoin Frogs, Honey Badgers, Puppet Maxi Biz (PMB).

Among these communities, Puppet Maxi Biz (PMB) has officially published a collaboration with BitWorld.

How it Compares to Other Standards

  • Form a new asset standard

Asset generated by BRC-720 is determined as a new asset standard, merging AI and assets to create an innovative “AI asset protocol” that is transforming digital ownership.

3D generated Puppet Maxi Biz coding:
<title>Puppet Maxi Biz(3D) #5064</title> <meta name="p" content="brc-720" /> <meta name="tick" content="Puppet Maxi Biz(3D)" /> <meta name="supply" content="720" /> <meta name="BitmanID" content="11858" />

Each collection is limited to 720 3D versions on blockchain. For example, although there are 10,000 Bitcoin Frogs, only 720 of them can be engraved on Ordinals as 3D Frogs.

Future Developments and Roadmap (if available)

In the next phase, we will release:

  • BRC-720 AI Market, supporting indexing and trading of all BRC720 protocol assets.

  • Support for 3D component generation, enabling text to 3D module conversion.

  • Implementation of AI-driven on-chain modular protocols.

Resources and Further Reading:


  • If you are interested in BRC-720 AI Protocol, you can experience it at https://www.brc720.com/ and give us some feedback below!
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