[BRC1024] An Open Metaverse Construction Protocol Based on Bitcoin Ordinals

What is BRC1024?

BRC1024 is an intriguing tiny-scale experiment that utilizes the bitcoin ordinals interface to construct metaverses.

This experiment is highly dynamic in nature, and I would strongly advise against making any financial decisions based on its design.

:round_pushpin:You can view the technical details and examples in the white paper:https://www.brc1024.io/

1. Metaverse

What is Metaverse? To put it simply, a virtual world. For example, Marvel, Star Wars, The Three-Body Problem, and so on.

Do Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Water Margin count? Of course, they do. Although they are historical IPs, they essentially represent a fictional world.

Does BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) count? It also does, but from a metaverse perspective, its design is not comprehensive enough; it only has character without elements like a worldview or a map.


  • Create a metaverse by creating an inscription like the following. In this instance, the name of the metaverse is “root”.
  "p": "brc-1024",
  "op": "metaverse:deploy",
  "tick": "root"

2. Metaverse Component

There are various elements that make up the metaverse, such as characters, lands, worldviews, and so on.


  • The wallet of a metaverse owner can create a metaverse component by generating an inscription similar to the following. It is the meta-description of a certain type of instance in the metaverse.


  • The following operation will deploy a component named “charactor:warrior” in the Root metaverse. In fact, it defines the warrior character in the Root metaverse.

  • In the field of “tick”, it uses “:” acting as the hierarchical classification separator. It means “Warrior” belongs to “charactor”.

  • “Elements” is the component of “Warrior”, represented as a dictionary. The keys in this dictionary are element names, including Race, Sub Race, Gender, Hair Color, Hairstyle, Skin Color, Clothing, Accessory, Weapon, and Exoskeleton, making up a total of ten elements. The value for each key is an array, which contains candidate values for that element. When creating an instance of a Warrior, which is the “Mint” operation, one from these candidates needs to be selected for each element.

    "p": "brc-1024",
    "metaverse": "root",
    "op": "deploy",
    "tick": "charactor:warrior",
    "max": 20000,
    "elements": {
        "Race": [
        "Sub Race": [
        "Gender": [
        "Hair Color": [
        "Hairstyle": [
            "Samurai Bun",
        "Skin Color": [
        "Clothing": [
            "Battle Armor",
            "Samurai Robe",
            "Leather Armor",
            "Leopard Print Robe",
            "Brocade Battle Dress",
            "Tiger Skin Battle Dress",
            "Phoenix Armor",
            "Wolf Spirit Battle Dress",
            "Python Scale Armor",
            "Kirin Battle Armor",
            "White Fox Fur Battle Dress"
        "Accessory": [
            "Heavy Armor Helmet"
        "Weapon": [
            "Tang Sword",
            "Western Sword",
            "Bow And Arrow",
            "Crescent Blade",
            "Battle Axe",
            "Dual Blades",
        "Exoskeleton": [

3. Metaverse Component Instance

They are a concretization of metaverse components. For example, Superman is an instance of Marvel metaverse hero, and a certain warrior is an instance of a Root metaverse warrior character.

Once a Metaverse Component is deployed, any wallet can mint its instance. The following Inscription will mint a warrior in the Root metaverse. After the mint process, the holder’s wallet will possess the warrior character instance in the Root. When this inscription is transferred to another wallet, this instance will be owned by the new wallet.

    "p": "brc-1024",
    "metaverse": "root",
    "op": "mint",
    "tick": "charactor:warrior",
    "elements": {
        "Race": "Human",
        "Sub Race": "Warrior",
        "Gender": "Male",
        "Hair Color": "Black",
        "Hairstyle": "Short",
        "Skin Color": "White",
        "Clothing": "Leopard Print Robe",
        "Accessory": "Headband",
        "Weapon": "Darts",
        "Exoskeleton": ""

4. The OG Metaverse: Root

Root is the first metaverse in the BRC1024 protocol. Currently, Root comprises 21 tribes, leading to the deployment of 21 Metaverse Components, which will altogether result in the creation of 210,000 characters in Root metaverse.

In the future, Root will have more Metaverse Components deployed on the BRC1024 interface, including beast race, special race, worldviews, metaverse lands, and so on. It is anticipated that in the next 1-2 years, there will be an additional 200,000 to 300,000 Metaverse Components Instances created, all of which will be free mint by the community.

Here are the names of the current 21 Roots Metaverse character components :

  • Humans : Warrior, Cultibator, Mage, Techie
  • Humannids : Winged, Nightshade, Pyronians, Frostborn, Abyssian, Fotrstian, Soulbinder, Dragonblood, Thunder, StarTraveler
  • Demon : Succubus, Asura
  • Underworld : Zombie, Skeleton
  • Deities : MaleGod, Goddess, Divine Warrior

:round_pushpin:For more details and pictures of ethnic groups, check out the white paper: https://docs.rootproject.io/

5. MCI in Multiverses

If you hold one MCI(Metaverse Component Instance) , you can live in many different multiple metaverses.


  • This is one Root character who was born in the Ordinals protocol. In this metaverse, he is just combination of element descriptions.
    "p": "brc-1024",
    "metaverse": "root",
    "op": "mint",
    "tick": "charactor:cultivator",
    "elements": {
            "Race": "Human",
            "Sub Race": "Cultivator",
            "Gender": "Male",
            "Hair Color": "Brown",
            "Skin Color": "Yellow",
            "Clothing": "Taoist Robe",
            "Hairstyle": "Bun",
            "Weapon": "Kris",
            "Exoskeleton": "",
            "Accessory": ""

Pixel Games

  • This Root character go to a pixel game. Here he becomes a pixel character, trying his best to minimize its pixel values.

X or WeChat X

  • This time, he went to X or WeChat, so he become to one PFP.


  • He also went into my phone, and he became my Wallpaper. Of course, he has more than one dresses.

3D Games 3D

  • We are trying to persuade him to spend some time in a 3D game, but it will take a bit of time.

Its quite interesting to see a new protocol has been developed with the concept of combining both Metaverse and AI ;

BTC20 + metaverse + AI

Just wondering if those off chain rendering engines worth a try to be on chain ?



Also as a kind reminder that there is a standard of the protocol introduction :orange_square:

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Got it, will do improvement later.