[Ideas] Metaprotocol Ideas Discussion

Thread for general metaprotocol ideas discussion

“First is First” mint style drop validity rule initialization before launch.

Standard method to formulaically define a new satribute or save an existing satribute to a repository.

Let us turn our attention to cbrc20. They are doing some great things. They use the field information on the meta protocol to perform virtualization operations. Combined with their own designed xord indexer, they are implementing the swap function on btc layer1. They will soon Will launch this big bang!

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We’d be happy to have them post their primordial singularity here!

Hi Domo, we would like to share our protocol BRC1024, but we don’t have permission. Could you help us add it to my account? BRC1024 is an open metaverse construction protocol. You can take a look, and we believe you will like it.
whitepaper: www[dot]brc1024[dot]io

Have granted the necessary permissions. For others with similar requests please follow:

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Hi Domo, I still can’t post. It said “An error occurred: You are not permitted to view the requested resource.” PPPPlease help us again :joy:

CBRC-20 is best metaprotocol as far as I got it. Lets see how it grows.

The docs are quite detailed and are available in their website: cybord org/#introduction

CBRC-20 uses custom Ordinal client called xORD: github com/the-moto/xord

Can’t post links, will have to add the “.” after the domain. :slight_smile:

I am working on a knowledge artifact metaprotocol that builds an information ecology on Ordinals and, ultimately, the entire web. “Bridge inscriptions” connect inscription and/or web content snippets with a relationship. For example, imagine a citing bridge between a sentence in a hard media blog post and a PFP inscription that it refers to. Or a contradictory bridge between the sentence and a segment of a video where the person in the video is saying something that contradicts what was written in the sentence. The bridges can be ordinal to ordinal, ordinal to web page, or web page to web page. Bridge inscriptions aggregate into a knowledge graph, which can be used to improve search on Ordinals and the web. Bridge ordinals can be traded as bitcoin native assets. First is first.

Hello guys, why is no one talking about BRC20S ?

Introduction to BRC20-S :orange_square:

The BRC20-S introduces an extended version of the BRC-20 standard for the #Bitcoin blockchain, incorporating #BRC20 design principles while adding functionalities for staking operations such as deposits, minting, and withdrawals.

This protocol offers a staking mechanism specifically tailored for BRC-20 tokens or, allowing users to stake their BRC-20 tokens or bitcoins in exchange for BRC20-S tokens.

These extend the functionalities of BRC-20 tokens with a detailed staking protocol, rewarding engagement and participation in the Bitcoin network.

ORDI: 09.03.23
sORDI: 09.03.24
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Im on X: @Besbtc

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@domo thank you :orange_square: