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:: Wanted Dead or Alive is a Public Notice, name changes property disputes, current rules made by bureaucrats are called RULE MAKING. I was stopped on a bicycle because a cop thought he wanted to check out why I was out so late. He made up a ticket that said my truck was in illegal parking although I was riding a bike! I have ran and rode my bike in a rich area and never bothered. This Rule Making has taken over APND or appending things for Public Notice would and could balance the playing field!!?:slight_smile:

hello ser, can i be enabled to post topics?

GM! @domo How can I post a new topic here?

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Would love to publish a new topic but can’t find the DM part on Discourse, where to contact you?

Not able to find the chat feature so replying here. @domo I would like a brc-20 topic on Emojis. Topics would cover how emojis are handled, displayed, etc.

@Corridor.Finance @888 @rakabw19 permissions granted! Please follow the format outlined here: [X Standard] Introduce Your Standard


Hello, I am looking to get permission to make new topic regarding the last development ~

hi @domo, I am developing a peer-to-protocol lending protocol on Bitcoin L1 and will support all BRC20 assets. Would like to get permission to create topics and discuss more about it here.

How to @ you or open chat to post? I can’t find it on my phone

Hi @domo, I sent you a DM - can you give me access to post a new topic? Thanks.