BRC20 Programmability

In this standard, we will no longer use the address in the output script as the owner, but the fee payer of the relay transaction as the owner

Key Required? Description
src option Programmable module (high priority): When op is deploy and src exists, it is considered a deployment script. When op is send and src exists, it is considered a call to the execution method,

Please check the complete standards BRC20


  "p": "brc-20",
  "op": "deploy",
  "src": "source code hex"


calldata = {

  "p": "brc-20",
  "op": "send",
  "src": strToHex(JSON.stringify(calldata))

We should ensure that these keys always have a higher priority than other keys. When src exists, it will be recognized as a programmable module instruction and other keys will be excluded

Minimum OutValue

The satoshi of the first output address should be greater than or equal to 2000

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