Latest brc-20 proposals

Latest proposals (Updated: Mar 15 2024):

Self issuance:

I like the self deploy function as a new operation. If we can scale the “op” field early on and figure out how to support it… it could pay dividends in the future.

would like to hear all the cons though.

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This is unisat proposal for stablecoin, so the depolyer or the holder can be only the one mint the stablecoin.

The Main problem this is not hard coded into blockchain this text fill, an arguments or logic that every indexer have to follow in order if it to work.

51% atk can happen to indexer ecosystem and cause massive confusion and double spending, there are alot of cases for double spending happening that have not been reported.

In my opinion, we should build a consensus for index to make decisions and follow.

also we should have and another consensus on ordinal it self.