Introducing Tyron's Stablecoin Metaprotocol

Be Your Own ₿ank: BTC Over-Collateralized Stablecoins for Bitcoin DeFi


  • Tyron’s stablecoin metaprotocol merges Bitcoin’s Layer 1 robustness with the Internet Computer Protocol’s versatility, pioneering a new frontier in stablecoin technology.
  • The experimental nature underscores its aim to create a Bitcoin-native stablecoin, using the BRC-20 standard for wider integration.


  • Tyron’s metaprotocol leverages Chain Fusion technology for seamless operation on Bitcoin Layer 1 using the Internet Computer.
  • SU$D, the Syron U$ Dollar stablecoin, aims to fuel Bitcoin DeFi by providing a reliable USD-denominated liquidity source.

Key Features:

  • Primary Function: Provide seamless USD liquidity and DeFi functionalities on Bitcoin Layer 1. Users can leverage user-controlled safety deposit boxes for secure storage and potential growth of their bitcoin collateral.
  • Technical Specifications: SU$D is pegged to the US dollar and over-collateralized by bitcoin (BTC). Minted directly on Bitcoin L1 as a BRC-20 token, it offers native compatibility with a wide range of decentralized applications and wallets.
  • Interoperability: Syron is accessible on Bitcoin Layer 1 offering seamless usability anywhere BRC-20 tokens are supported.
  • Security Measures: Each user receives a unique Bitcoin wallet that functions as their Safety Deposit Box. Users can deposit their bitcoin collateral directly to this wallet and view its balance on any Bitcoin block explorer, ensuring complete transparency and control over their funds. Conversions to and from SU$D tokens occur within this secure environment. Tyron’s direct on-chain integration eliminates the need for bridges or Layer 2 minting solutions, safeguarding the integrity and security of BTC funds. This approach upholds user autonomy through self-sovereign identity (supporting self-custodial wallets).

Use Cases:

  • We are focusing on the real-world problem of hyperinflation, particularly relevant in regions with economic instability like Argentina, to offer an alternative to traditional banking systems.
  • Tyron empowers users to manage their finances autonomously, fostering financial resilience. The metaprotocol’s design allows for the creation of a plethora of stablecoins with different fiat pegs depending on the geo-political circumstances.

How it Compares to Other Standards:

  • Similar to DAI but uses bitcoin exclusively as collateral, leveraging its established value and proof-of-work security.

Future Developments and Roadmap:

  • Tyron recently launched on the Bitcoin Testnet. Join the waitlist at to participate in testing.

Resources and Further Reading:


Amazing job !

Opening the lock liquidity will help brc20 to be more vibrate !

Blockquote " Picture this: you’ve got 1 BTC and want $20k to join a DEX as a liquidity provider. Tyron’s stablecoin metaprotocol lets you keep your BTC safe and get dollars straight away. You retain control over your bitcoin’s value, allowing it to appreciate while also having dollars accessible for any purpose like DeFi."

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