Omnisat (Testnet) Feedback

We are now 48 hours into the launch of Omnisat on Testnet. Please share any comments, feedback, and questions you have towards the platform.

Share your voice so we can build this tool that best fits the communities interest and strengths!


Just did my 1st swap. Went smoothly


I Trying swap but show this message: insufficient sats.


Did my first swap! It was really smooth! lets go!



Loving this. Today I am here proposing that we integrate Omnisat with Runes in time to have LPs ready to rock by the launch in April.

On the RuneX platform we can launch the first ever trading pair to use OmniSat on Runes with our RuneX token.

What say ye’ Omnisat DAO


Sounds interesting! What type of tooling and/or infrastructure does RuneX need to satisfy this integration?

After I successfully formed LP, my sats and btc disappeared, but it prompted me that I currently do not have any active liquidity positions

We would just need some sort of routes or devkit for us to integrate on the front end.

50/50 splits between the DAO and us on exchange fees would be feasible.

RuneX being an exclusive launch partner here could be big news for both of us come April. And will be amplified by the other amazing things planned during that time. Based on my conversations with Bunzy and Hath, if approved here, that deliverable timeline should be a non-issue for day one Runes trading.


Sweet! Dante, I’ve opened up a new forum dedicated to these types of collaborations. Can you share the same idea in a formal capacity on the “partnerships” forum so we can get more attention on it. Thanks!

hey seems like I cant make a withdrawal from the pool
Can you tell me whats wrong?

What error are you receiving? This is currently what the dev team is working on.

Just says Withdrawal failed and now I can’t even click on it again.

Great swap system! Easy to use, interface is clean and on point.

My pools page worked great for a day or so and now I am getting an “error page cannot be found” message.

In the pool uptime I managed to add a whole load of liquidity. it was super smooth and easy to use!

Great work :handshake::leopard:


I like the pools update!

Tally Hoooo!


Looking good so far, excited for the launch!

I wanted to ask, why might our funds be lost if we refresh or close the browser? Are the reasons technical? Are there plans to mitigate?

I’m still new to the project but that feels dangerous. Even more so that they just “might” be lost, there seems to be a lack of certainty of what will actually happen if we refresh our browser.

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This is just testnet. I believe its related to how testnet caching works. One of the devs can clarify but its not something that will persist on mainnet.

Just did a swap, provided liquidity into the pool. All went smooth. Really like the UI.

I’d like to see the options of 25%,50%, etc… on both the swaps and adding liquidity. Not sure how easily accomplished that is but I’d enjoy it and I’d imagine others would as well

Just clicked on “remove liquidity” it instantly queued. Shouldn’t a confirm pop up rather than it exercising the request?

My frist swap and liquidity adding went smooth.

But can we have an option where

  1. Max the amount to swap or 50% or 70%
  2. An arrow to switch between BTC and Sats without having to add one by one.

now says insufficient funds regardless how much i hold

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Had this error of inscribing bla bla, when trying to add liquidity. i cant attach a screenshot…