Collaborations, Integrations, & Partnerships

A few individuals, projects, and teams have reached out expressing interest in utilizing Omnisat Governance, Liquidity Pools, and swaps in some capacity.

First, and foremost, let me express that Omnisat is not a DAO but a public tool. Each person who participates in Omnisat on mainnet will have a voice in approvals, denials, and proposals.

This forum will be used as reference for:

  1. Mainnet proposals
  2. Expansion on collaborations
  3. Extension on innovative ideas
  4. Those looking to understand how their project may mesh with Omnisat

Please feel free to share below thoughts so we can continue to build Omnisat in the direction that best suits your interests and strengths.


[UPDATED] Dear Omnisat,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out on behalf of RuneX with an exciting proposition that could revolutionize the trading landscape. We propose integrating Omnisat with Runes on the RuneX platform, creating the first-ever trading pair to utilize OmniSat on Runes with our RuneX token.

To satisfy this integration, RuneX would require some sort of routes or devkit to seamlessly integrate on the front end. We believe that with the right tooling and infrastructure, we can create a seamless trading experience for RuneX users leveraging Omnisat.

By becoming the exclusive launch partner for Omnisat integrations, RuneX aims to generate significant buzz and attention for both platforms. The launch of Runes in April aligns perfectly with our planned marketing initiatives, which will further amplify the impact of this partnership. Having a Runes integration alongside of us can provide value not only to promoting Omnisat, but benefiting the greater Ordinals ecosystem since Runes infrastructure will be needed on day one for onboarding. Which we believe Omnisat will make a great expansion to everything already built and in the pipeline for RuneX.

Based on our conversations with Bunzy and Hath, we are confident that the deliverable timeline for day one Runes trading will not be an issue if this proposal is approved. We have a dedicated team ready to work closely with the Omnisat team to ensure a smooth integration process.

We believe that this partnership has the potential to unlock new opportunities and drive mutual growth for both Omnisat and RuneX. Together, we can create a powerful trading ecosystem that benefits our respective communities.

Thank you for considering this proposal. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and bring this exciting integration to life.

Warm regards,

Dante - @DantesAlterEgo

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Awesome to see your interest. Once Omnisat mainnet is live and governance is activated this would make a solid early proposal. Has potential to establish a high degree of credibility for both platforms as Omnisat works towards supporting the entire Bitcoin ecosystem.

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Greetings ! Re: collaborating and integrations , there has been discussion in the (newly rebranded ) Bit Dog community to have the $OXBT Brc20 be the first ( or among the first) tokens that will be available to swap on Omnisat app.

Would love to get some feedback from the early testers and early adopters of Brc20 / Orsinals space on which tokens you feel would be a good fit, and more specifically, do you think $OXBT is a good fit and would be good for the space to be First :1st_place_medal:

My thoughts on this:
$OXBT was very hyped launch , but failed to deliver any real development. It has since seen a bit of new life as the community has taken over and began a grass roots marketing effort and branding campaign as “Bit dog” …
there’s a lot of hope that the community can rally around this new brand .
I think collaboration with this community makes sense for both projects . There is a very similar ethos as well. As both seem to be driven by community. I’m in favor of this !
Your thought ?

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APND is a term used for appending something to something else,kinda like a Blockchain!! When you see notices of a new project that can be disputed that’s a Public Notice.Bitcoin is the New Immutable Public Notice of the digital age. Most laws are created first as Public Notices, my idea would be to APND your ideas to the Blockchain. I hope to make a New Trading pair on Omnisat when it goes to Mainnet

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Omnisat is more than eager and excited to collaborate with like-minded communities. As $OXBT is a decentralized BRC20 community and Omnisat is a contributor-focused public tool, there are many synergies. My recommendation is to continue contributing and participating on testnet and governance. Once mainnet is live we can begin crafting a formal proposal for all of the omnisat community to vote on!

All token listings will be voted on by community once Omnisat is on mainnet. My recommendation is to participate on testnet and in this forum so when that time comes the governance contributors are familiar with your BRC20.


Awesome Jake . Thanks for the reply .
Yes , I will continue to be active here .

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Hey @jake first off I want to say I love the work y’all are doing. I’ve tested swaps and pools on testnet and am excited for the mainnet launch!

Are y’all in need of someone to crush business development? I think it would be crucial early on to acquire liquidity and spread the word to different bitcoin communities which will also grow activity here with governance.

Let me know I would love to have a chat.

Absolutely. In the Omnisat’s current state of testnet the core team is preparing for building a stable tool before launching to mainnet. Once its on mainnet there will be a governance piece where everybody can contribute and participate. Proposals, grants, and such. Stay tuned for it!

Nice to be here.

My name is Joe (@cosmosdefi on twitter) and I am a teacher by trade, making crypto content as a hobby. YouTube and X Spaces are my primary platforms to help “normies” understand this cutting edge tech. This is done primarily through discussion with developers and founders, mostly in the alt coin space. To make a long story short, I would love to host some builders in Bitcoin who are involved in BRC20s to help educate me and my audience. I have already hosted many inscriptions projects and devs and I am somewhat-well-versed in everything that has developed post-Ordinals, building relationships along the way.
Note: I do this as a hobby, so I’m not looking to profit personally. I am just want to help lower the barrier of entry for newcomers. Helping regular people understand the implications of this technology will minimize the number of people who fall for scams and maximize adoption & involvement by outsiders.
Please reach out any time if you are interested in having public (or private) discussions to help me produce better Bitcoin content!