Testnet Bitcoin Support

Below is information on how to request test Bitcoin from the faucet as well as additional tutorials surrounding how to access Testnet.

If the faucet is empty or you are having issues receiving testnet Bitcoin please share your experience in the comments below so the community can be of assistance.

Grab tBTC here: https://coinfaucet.eu/en/btc-testnet/

How to switch to Testnet
How to Get tBTC


hey yall! drop test addy and ill get ya some test BTC!

also full faucet tutorial here


2N98Vn3iQpsQRMkaGRoMrk9K3oGg5KJqRKe - TESTNET ORDINALS ADDY thank you!

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Another source for testnet BTC is bitcoinfaucet (dot) uo1 (dot) net

dont mind some extra testnet bitcoin tb1p88kgtqp7vph72h8dd8cqqjegaa3j8fay7gcc599qspw70ssdytcq369s9z

yupp we have both linked & tutorials for both!

OMG R U THE ORLANDO THAT HAS ORLANDO.sats or the one ive talked too on twitter (jen/adultarts hahaha)

trying to find the person who has JENFTEACH.sats


If someone could send me some testnet BTC, that would be amazing! I can send it back after (tb1q4qvajprjgxhng9fh0x5q6fdc870fxp25wpg353).

I am trying to make a swap on omnisat, but it is saying my funds are insufficient. I have only 0.00005 testnet BTC.

Check your wallet now :pray:

Now check your wallet :slight_smile:

thank you so much!! If you need it back at some point just send me your address :+1:

After swapping tbtc to Oxbt to sats, it takes longer to reflect

is .0002 tbtc enough for transacting? I keep getting this error no matter how low an amount of a swap it try (<10% less than the ‘max’ swap button)
“insufficient user funds for inscription: (5.00k/5.41k sats)”

idk why i can’t swap through omnisats, im having 0.00002 tBTC but it says insufficient funds when i try swapping to 0xbt or sats.

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ok not juust me then…


appreciate if someone could spare some testBTC.

i kept getting this when I am trying to do some swap

insufficient user funds for inscription: (3.00k/5.39k sats)

Just sent you .002 tBTC